Keeping up with Betty and Veronica


How you doing? (insert Joey’s voice)

This is the story of Betty and Veronica more so of Veronica because she discovered later in life who she really is.

Although Betty is my bestie, I have also got to know Vee really well once they began dating. Vee and B met way back in 2013 at those events with excuses to drink and dance all night. Vee has also had friends who are bi sexual, gay and lesbain so she made some friends through her LGB circle.

When she met B, she later confessed she was awestruck, not just because of her beauty or her charm but her personality. She was instantly attracted to B. Veronica did not tell any of her friends because she did not think it would go anywehere and anyway she was “straight”.

Betty also felt something but did not try make a move because she was straight and would not want to be rejected or embarassed.

They exchanged numbers and talked a little bit but it was just friendship. Vee said Betty did not seem interested and her conversation was so nonchalant and distant. Remember what I said about Betty not being good at expressing herself? well she has come from very very far.

Their lives continued and they met again in 2015 and this time Vee could not keep it to herself, how could someone she met years ago still make her heart skip a beat? and a woman of all people. The good thing was this time it seemed mutual on Betty’s part too.

As people say, the rest is history. Veronica has never been this happy, fulfilled, content and herself as in this relationship with Betty. They may not always have roses and rainbows in their relationship but she says, it never worked with anyone else…because nobody was Betty. She wants no man and says this feels right. She has always been curious about women ever since she was in love with her high school desk mate back in the day. The desk mate Beatrice did not know. It was a secret only Vee knew. Ever since she met Betty, she knew she could not let her go. It is not everyday that happiness knocks on your door.

Please share the story of how you discovered the real you. I would love to read it. Also, open that door to your happiness, it is all about you and what makes you happy. Be free! Be you!

Long live Betty and Veronica


Betty and Veronica

Hi all you Archie comic lovers,

Before I begin, please do not read if you are closed minded, please do not read if you are homophobic, please do not read any further and get offended. I am a big supporter of the LGBT community and believe it matters not who you love where you love, why you love or how you love…IT MATTERS ONLY THAT YOU LOVE!

I have a best friend Betty who is a Lesbian. She is kind, she is wise, she is fun, she is hardworking, she is a great friend, even better daughter and is very gorgeous.

She has recently been dating Veronica who was “straight” until she met B 😉 I will get to how Veronica discovered her sexuality only after meeting B.

Betty and Veronica just like in the comics are very different. Betty is hard core, tough, emotionally strong, independent, does not open up easily, is not quick to anger, is not petty, is very patient, does not overthink,does not ask many questions…. have you noticed what Veronica and I have? B is like a dude!!! A man in a beautiful  woman exterior.

Veronica on the other hand is a hopeless romantic, emotional, overthinks, assumes, gets impatient, is petty, has enough questions to give you a headache…(PS. She also expects Betty to have answers to all of them) , is sensitive, loving, caring, and sweet.She may not be perfect and neither is Betty but love is always constant. They love each other in spite of their weaknesses.

I’m not saying its easy, but honestly at the end of the night, love wins every time.

Being in a same sex relationship contrary to popular belief is actually harder than a straight relationship. You would think the emotional part is in sync but it isn’t always the case as seen here in Betty and Veronica.

Society also perceives it as wrong and unless you are in places where homosexuality is legalized,(Go America 😉 ) you will never be able to be free and open. Betty and Veronica cannot just hold hands in the street, they cannot kiss in public.

Family is also a big challenge for them, coming out to your family is not easy and sometimes not possible. Imagine having to lie about who you are? Imagine having to avoid you extended family because everyone is asking why there is no wedding invitation in the mail? imagine having that pressure from your folks about grandchildren they haven’t seen yet?

For those who are brave enough to come out to their family or those whose family have discovered the secret they have kept hidden for so long, not because it is wrong but because it would hurt them, they have it rough. They feel like a disappointment to their family, they ask why are they not “normal” according to society’s standards. Her/his partner may face hostile conditions from his/her family after discovering that she is dating/living with their daughter/son.This homosexual person feels stuck between choosing her/her family or her/his happiness.

I do not  have the answers,but all I can tell you Betty and Veronica is let the love you have for one another be your guide. It will be hard but you can make it together against all the odds in your battlefield. Be patient with each other, communicate with each other and be kind to each other. Do not turn on each other because of frustration.Society may never accept your love but one day you will be free.

Do not leave each other . You give love a good name and you inspire lots of gay couples struggling with the same issues in Africa, more so in Kenya. I wish you girls,everything good and beautiful and may your love and passion for one another be stronger every daily.

Love and Love,

Your friends Goldie.



Fare thee well my love


I was with my therapist the other day and honestly I did not know how much i loved my alcohol till that day. Anyway, she asked me what I want and without hesitation I said I want to stop drinking. Her suggestion, write a letter saying goodbye to ‘alcohol’ and make it like you talking to your lover. At first I thought it was crazy but what did I have to lose. And here is what i did.


This is just crazy, coz I actually don’t know how to say goodbye. It does pain me to see such a beautiful relationship end. I loved you with all my heart, mind and soul. In short you were the ONE. You were there for me…through thick and thin….through the happy times…all occasions. And I can’t imagine people say you can’t have a perfect relationship. Damn, I was obsessed with you, because…

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Look both sides before you cross the road (Part 2)

Yes, you guessed it, not even 5 minutes passed before I replied and said I miss you too and yes of course. 😦

Let me make it clear, he hasn’t given me the D yet before you all conclude that.

I’m not proud of myself, I let him off the hook and this weekend it will be back to my high state of being drunk in Jack then the next week he disappears!!!

But we will see how it all plays out, let us see what that clown has in store for his explanation.

Onto boy drama number two, I have been friends with Jared since 2009, and I always had a crazy crush on him but I was so much in the friend zone that he would tell him about his sexual encounters so I pretty much moved on and buried my feelings.

We lost touch for some years though and we reconnected again this year, and he has grown up, stopped that random shagging he always did and Is looking to settle down, he is also doing great career wise and financially and has a great future ahead of him. I was impressed, he is completely not Jack, is not really disturbed. He could almost be perfect even. We have been going on some dates and he calls, he texts, he isn’t perfect in communication like most men but he tries and I appreciate it.

But then again, I don’t know if he just likes my company or he is into me now. We all know, we never ask a man where is this going especially this early, so my approach is hope for the best but expect the very worst.

Friday, we were meant to meet but he cancelled last minute so I was sad because now nobody could take my mind off Jack. I called my girlfriend and we ended up having a good time though it wasn’t what I had wanted. I hope he likes me too. He is what I like in a man. He is fun, my friend, considerate and hard working.

And as much as I am meeting Jack this weekend if he even remembers that we are to meet, I know I deserve better.

Here is to moving on from Jack.

Look both sides before you cross the road (Part 1)

Hi guys,

I hope your weekend was everything??

As for mine, where do I start? Before I get to that, an old friend of mine told me a while back that I just look like a girl who always has boy problems..

I also had to ask, why he thought so. He said it’s because I am beautiful but it was a pretty weird smooth pick up line in my opinion.

Maybe it could work for you, 🙂

But seriously though, today is also about boy problems I had over the weekend.

Ladies we need to look both sides before crossing the road into a relationship/being with a man, I mean look at the pros and cons and seriously if one outweighs the other, cross the road together or cross without him.

Jack has been a bad boy this weekend, I forgot to mention he is a disturbed soul, he hates being with people, likes keeping to himself and is an alcoholic. I am the complete opposite but we have a lot of chemistry and connection and vibe but that my friends is not enough. How do you go like a whole week without talking to me but entertain your fans constantly, where is the work life balance in that Jack?

So anyway, I was a fool and crossed that road with him before I really got to know him. I sat down this weekend with a pen and paper and wrote down the pros and cons and was not shocked that one side outweighed the other. I knew what I was getting into. I get attracted to disturbed people who I feel I need to fix and heal with my super woman girlfriend powers.When will I learn that they will keep choosing their drug/disturbance over me.They are selfish and will always chose themselves every time. Could I also be disturbed?

I inbox Jack because I like to write long compositions and emails, I’m well-known for that. Told him everything I felt and how I’m walking away now.Thank God for Facebook showing when a message has been read, I said I would wait until he read it and give him at least 24 hours to act. I mean call, come banging at my door, do something you selfish Ass but yet I knew he wouldn’t, and was actually hurt when he didn’t act.

So I did what any emotional woman in my state would, I blocked him everywhere but forgot to do so on whatsaap. I kept checking my blocked log all weekend for texts or attempted calls from him but not a single thing came in. But I knew he was alive because he had been tweeting more than usual this weekend.

Today, he surprises me with a whatsaap text when I was busy at work, Hey gorgeous, I miss you. Can I see you this weekend?


Dating a Celebrity

I recently fell for this man I met back in 2010.He was dating my neighbor and since they were way older than me, all i did was covet him from a far. The reason we talked as well was because he was a radio presenter at Station X and I loved the show because of the music he played. I was your typical groupie.

Unfortunately, the show got cancelled and I was at a loss as to where I would find a station that played that genre of music again. Life moved on, I finished university and the couple broke up. I checked up on him and he told me he got off radio and working in another industry of work.

As much as I thought and still do think he is such a fine piece of ass, I never thought we could be because back then I was so young and our 9 year age gap seemed too large.

Lets call him Jack, because Jack Dawson reminds me of my celebrity boyfriend.

Jack and I lost contact for about 2 years and talked again in 2012, just small talk, the other day he told me “Goldie, I dint think a girl like you could fall for a guy like me” But we still talked small time, nothing too serious and nothing important and again we lost touch until this year.

When I told him I had a sex dream about him and he was so nonchalant about it and I felt stupid but at the same time I was glad it was out there and he knew that now I am a grown up.

So I left that story and forgot about him but he asked for my number a few months after that.

I know right, this man takes his time.

So we talk and hang out and he is amazing as I got to know him more everyday.

Then we both fell.

The issue is dating a celebrity is nothing like dating a “normal person”

The women who want him..the men too…its too much to because he is a radio personality, he keeps posting pics and tweets that would offend you as his girlfriend too all in the name of entertaining.

I want to be the understanding girl and not jealous and I know he is entertaining his fans but it is not easy.

However, I am crazy about him and I want to stick it out, Bob Marley came to mind today

He’s not perfect. You aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect. But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can. He isn’t going to quote poetry, he’s not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him that he knows you could break. Don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give. Don’t analyze. Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad, and miss him when he’s not there. Love hard when there is love to be had. Because perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you


I’m sorry I forgot that these couple of days. I am trying and thank you for trying too.

I appreciate you.

No, those are not my panties..

Funny story with the men I meet, like 85% are jerks.

This one guy, lets call him Biggie because he has the biggest lips I have ever seen up to now. You can already guess which Kenyan community he comes from.

So anyway, Biggie was another clown from my university, he did a brief course and left to pursue law elsewhere.

He was actually dating my namesake and I thought they were the cutest couple ever.So because she has my name, we all became friends the 3 of us.She went on to become a doctor and I remained to pursue my business interest further.

We lost touch and they broke up. Flash forward to a few years later, we all finished school, the lawyer, the doctor and the business lady. He added me on Facebook and eventually numbers were given.

He did not work too far from me and so sometimes after work we would drive to the hood together.

We weren’t officially dating but we had met a few of each others friends and sleepovers were regular.

So one day I am looking for some nice lace panties to wear for the evening out…and I find this very bright red thong with my panties. I keep looking in the drawer for more but i don’t find anymore foreign objects.

Biggie is clearly a special case because I do not wear thongs at all.

I am in shock but calm, he is playing play station with his boys before we all go out.

I call him aside and I am actually smiling,

So I ask Biggie, whose thong is this.

Can you imagine what he says, “They are yours babe,remember the ones I bought you?”

Like I wouldn’t know my own panties.

You Are Enough…

Let me tell you something,

I met this guy at university a few years back. He was doing a course unrelated to mine and shorter than mine plus he was dating this cool kid girl.

Now this man is all sorts of fine, he is dark and handsome…not tall but tall enough for me. I like my men tall but he got me crushing on him seriously.I never spoke to him, no wait i did actually, i said hallo one day when he was with his girl because we went to high school together and I knew her.

When I want something I always go for it, no matter how many years or months later.Back to the man, lets call him Sam cos c’mon most Sam’s we know are super fine. So we are in 2014 and we have a mutual friend and happen to meet again. He doesn’t remember me of course but I do him and we add each other on Facebook and talk on the regular then he asks for my number at long last and we begin talking more, he shows up at the club on two consecutive Fridays. The last time I met we had our first kiss and it was all types of amazing…you know? just how we all imagine how first kisses with that girl/guy will be like.

Everything went okay until one day he was going out of town for his cousins wedding preparations, he said he would communicate and dint until the next day at 1.00pm ..yes i still remember. So anyway, I was pretty hormonal that weekend *womanhood* and so when he finally communicated i dint have the same psyche i did like when we talked normally.

So being the honest person that I am i told him, I was disappointed he did not keep his word. So because of that small mistake i made, he withdrew and eventually stopped talking to me.

A few weeks after, our mutual friend tells me that he has a girlfriend and they have met her. I was crushed because I was falling, I blamed myself and pitied myself and felt like reversing time and making things right.

Yes, we all know men want the cool girl who will not react the way I did but I am human and sometimes I mess up.

Today I was on the gram and saw his photo with his new beau, she is gorgeous and I am happy for him and I remembered how terrible all this made me feel but honestly he wasn’t that into me.

Well Sam, I may not have you but I am enough.